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Peer-reviewed journal publications (* corresponding author, 1 equal contribution)

Huan Chen 1, Taesung Shin 1, Bosoon Park *, Kyoung Ro, Changyoon Jeong, Hwang-Ju Jeon, Pei-Lin Tan, Coupling hyperspectral imaging with machine learning algorithms for detecting microplastics in soils. Environmental Science & Technology (under review)

Xu-Ming Xu 1, Huan Chen 1, Chun-Fang Deng, Rou-Qi Ma, Bin Li, Jia-Rui Li, Shu-Feng Liu, Raghupathy Karthikeyan, Qian Chen *, Wei-Ling Sun, Metagenomic insights into the co-hosts of metal(loid) and antibiotic resistance genes in the fresh-brackish-saline groundwater. Journal of Environmental Management  (under review)

Chun Cao, Yu-Yao Wu, Zhen-Ying Lv, Jun-Jian Wang, Huan Chen *, Uptake of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from PAH–contaminated soils to carrots and Chinese cabbages under the greenhouse and field conditions. Journal of Environmental Management (under review)

Xiu-Qi You, Xi-Min Chen, Yi Jiang, Huan Chen, Juan Liu, Zhen Wu, Wei-Ling Sun *, Jin-Ren Ni, 6PPD-quinone affects the photosynthetic carbon fixation of cyanobacteria by mediating photoelectron transport. The Innovation (under review)

Yi-Tao Lyu, Xin-Zong Xiao, Jing-Run Hu, Yang Wu, Huan Chen, Yi Jiang, Wei-Ling Sun *, Fast expectation-maximization algorithm for quantitative source apportionment of organic pollutants using nontarget high-resolution mass spectrometry data. Environmental Science & Technology Letter (under review)

Pei-Jia Ku, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui *, Habibullah Uzun, Huan Chen, Randy A. Dahlgren, Tham C Hoang, Tanju Karanfil, Huan Zhong, Aijun Miao, Ke Pan, Hon-Ming Lam, Alex T. Chow, Dominance of particulate mercury in stream transport and rapid watershed recovery from wildfires in northern California, USA. Environmental Science & Technology (under review)


[55] Si-Ran Feng, Fen Liu, Shun-Ni Zhu *, Zhong-Bin Xu, Lei Qin, Ping-Zhong Feng, Zhong-Ming Wang, Huan Chen, Wen-Shan Guo, Huu Hao Ngo * (2024), Role of hydraulic retention time in integration of microalgae and activated sludge process for nutrient recycle from dairy liquid digestate. Chemical Engineering Journal 484: 149538

[54] Wei Hu, Xi-Zhi Niu, Huan Chen, Bei Ye, Jun-Kun Liang, Yun-Tao Guan, Qian-Yuan Wu *, Molecular insight of dissolved organic matter and chlorinated disinfection by-products in reclaimed water during chlorination with permanganate peroxidation. Chemosphere 349: 140807

[53] Yu-Lu Tian 1, Xiao-Ying Huang 1, Hang-Zhou Li, Qiu-Meng Chen, Xin-Ying Gong, Huan Chen, Mei-Kun Fan, Zheng-Jun Gong * (2024), Highly sensitive and selective off-on fluorescent platform for tricresyl phosphate flame retardant based on twisted intramolecular charge transfer probe. Analytica Chimica Acta 1285: 342009


[52/31] Huan Chen, Habibullah Uzun, Nikola Tolić, Rosalie K. Chu, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T. Chow * (2023), Molecular insights into wildfire-induced dissolved organic matter during the processes of alum coagulation and disinfection using ESI(-) and ESI(+) FT-ICR MS. ACS ES&T Water 3 (8): 2571–2580

[51/30] Huan Chen, Alexander Martin Rücker, Yi-Na Liu, David Miller, Jia-Ning Dai, Jun-Jian Wang, Dennis O. Suhre, Li-Jung Kuo, William H. Conner, Barbara J. Campbell, Robert C. Rhew, Alex T. Chow * (2023), Unique biogeochemical characteristics of a ghost forest – the transition from freshwater forest wetland to salt marsh under the influences of sea level rise. Soil & Environmental Health 1: 100005 [highlighted in Zinke, L. (2023). "Ghost forests stand apart." Nature Reviews Earth & Environment]

[50/29] Wen-Jun Wang 1, Huan Chen 1, Wei Zhu, Zheng-Jun Gong *, Hui Yin, Chao Gao, An-Ni Zhu, Dong-Mei Wang (2023), A two-staged adsorption/thermal desorption GC/MS on-line system for monitoring volatile organic compounds. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 195: 869

[49/28] Jing-Run Hu, Yi-tao Lyu, Huan Chen *, Lei-Lei Cai, Jie Li, Xiao-Qiang Cao, Wei-Ling Sun * (2023), Integration of target, suspect, and nontarget screening with risk modeling for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances prioritization in surface waters. Water Research 233: 119735

[48/27] Jing-Run Hu, Yi-Tao Lyu, Huan Chen *, Si Li, Wei-Ling Sun * (2023), Suspect and nontarget screening reveal the underestimated risks of antibiotic transformation products in wastewater treatment plant effluents. Environmental Science & Technology 57(45): 17439–17451

[47] Hong-Jun Zhao, Yi-Tao Lyu, Jing-Run Hu, Min Li, Huan Chen, Yi Jiang, Mo-Ran Tang, Yang Wu, Wei-Ling Sun * (2023), Reveal the major factors controlling quinolone adsorption on mesoporous carbon: Batch experiment, DFT calculation, MD simulation, and machine learning modeling. Chemical Engineering Journal 463: 142486

[46] Yuan-Yi Zhao, Hong-Chao Min, Kong-Yan, Luo, Huan Chen, Qian Chen *, Wei-Ling Sun (2023), Insight into sulfamethoxazole effects on aerobic denitrification by strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa PCN-2: From simultaneous degradation performance to transcriptome analysis. Chemosphere 313(2): 137471

[45] Xin-Ying Gong 1, Ya-Yun Ji 1, Fan-Qiang Meng, Yu-Lu Tian, Dong-Mei Wang, Huan Chen, Zheng-Jun Gong * (2023), Dual-emitting N-doped carbon dots/AuNCs nanohybrids as an efficient ratiometric fluorescent probe and a paper sensor for Pb2+ sensing. Microchemical Journal 195: 109535

[44] Hang-Zhou Lia 1, Qiu-Meng Chen 1, Yuan-Yuan Wang, Zhi-Xiao Zhang, Huan Chen, Zhao-Li Wang, Zheng-Jun Gong * (2023), A dual-mode pH sensor film based on the pyrene-based Zr-MOF self-destruction with fluorescence turn-on effect. Microchemical Journal 187(39): 108450


[43] Xiao-Ying Huang, Li-Ping Shen, Huan-Huan Zhu, Huan Chen, Zheng-Jun Gong * (2023), Highly efficient sensor for triphenyl phosphate based on UV-induced chemiluminescence. Microchemical Journal 186: 108327+


[42] Huang-Huan Zhu 1, Xiao-Ying Huang 1, Yi Deng, Huan Chen, Mei-Kun Fan, Zheng-Jun Gong * (2023), Applications of nanomaterial-based chemiluminescence sensors in environmental analysis. Trends in Analytical Chemistry 158(1): 116879


[41] Raza Ullah, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui, Alex T. Chow, Huan Chen, Clinton Williams, Ayalew Ligaba-Osena * (2023), Micro(nano)plastic pollution in terrestrial ecosystem: Emphasis on impacts of polystyrene on soil biota, plants, animals, and humans. Environmental Modeling & Assessment 195(1): 252


[40/26] Huan Chen, Jun-Jian Wang, Pei-Jia Ku, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui, Rebecca B. Abney, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Qiang Zhang, Sarah D. Burton, Randy A. Dahlgren, Alex T. Chow * (2022), Burn intensity drives the alteration of phenolic lignin to (poly) aromatic hydrocarbons as revealed by pyrolysis-Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS). Environmental Science & Technology 56: 12678-12687

[39/25] Huan Chen 1, Mahmut Selim Ersan 1, Nikola Tolić, Rosalie K. Chu, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T. Chow * (2022), Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter as disinfection byproduct precursors by UV/fluorescence and ESI FT-ICR MS after smoldering combustion of leaf needles and woody trunks of pine (Pinus jeffreyi). Water Research 209: 117962 

[38/24] Xu-Ming Xu 1, Huan Chen 1, Jin-Yun Hu, Tong Zheng, Rui-Jie Zhang, Hao-Hui Zhong, Qiang Gao, Wei-Ling Sun, Qian Chen *, Jin-Ren Ni (2022), Unveil the role of dissolved and sedimentary metal(loid)s on bacterial communities and metal resistance genes (MRGs) in an urban river of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Water Research 209: 117962

[37/23] Jin-Yun Hu, Qian Chen *, Si-Ning Zhong, Ya-Ping Liu, Qiang Gao, Emily B. Graham, Huan Chen * (2022), Wei-Ling Sun, Insight into co-hosts of nitrate reduction genes and antibiotic resistance genes in an urban river of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Water Research 225: 119189

[36/22] Wei-Yue Xu, J. Alex Thomasson, Qiong Su, Chang-Ying Ji, Ye-Yin Shi, Jun Zhou, Huan Chen * (2022), A segmentation algorithm incorporating superpixel block and holistically nested edge for sugarcane aphids images under natural light conditions. Biosystem Engineering 216: 241-255

[35/21] Chun Cao, Ying Yang, Mei-Po Kwan, Zhen-Bang Ma, Raghupathy Karthikeyan, Jun-Jian Wang *, Huan Chen * (2022), Crop selection reduces potential heavy metal(loid)s health risk in wastewater contaminated agricultural soils. Science of the Total Environment 819: 152502

[34/20] Xiao-Hong Ma, Huan Chen *, Rui-Huan Chen, Xiao-Jun Hu * (2022), Direct and activated chlorine dioxide oxidation for micropollutant abatement: A review on kinetics, reactive sites, and degradation pathway. Water 14(13): 2028

[33] Han-Han Li, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui *, Pei-Jia Ku, Huan, Chen, Zi-Yu Yin, Randy A. Dahlgren, Sanjai J. Parikh, Jianjun Wei, Tham C. Hoang, Alex T. Chow, Zhang Cheng *, Xue-Mei Zhu * (2022), Impacts of forest fire ash on aquatic mercury cycling. Environmental Science & Technology 56 (16): 11835–11844

[32] Gang-Hui Tong, Xue-Ling Yang, Yun Li, Xu-Biao Yu *, Ying Huang, Jun-Jian Wang, Huan Chen, Rong-Yue Zheng, Meng Jin (2022), Impacts of haze on the photobleaching of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in surface water in southeastern China. Environmental Research 212B: 113305


[31/19] Huan Chen, Kuo-Pei Tsai, Yina Liu, Nikola Tolić, Sarah D. Burton, Rosalie Chu, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T. Chow * (2021), Characterization of dissolved organic matter from wildfire-induced Microcystis aeruginosa blooms controlled by copper sulfate as disinfection byproduct precursors using APPI(-) and ESI(-) FT-ICR MS. Water Research 189: 116640

[30/18] Yunlong Yang *, Peng Xu, Si-Jia Dong, Yang Yu, Huan Chen *, Ji-Bo Xiao (2021), Using watermelon rind and nitrite-containing wastewater for electricity production in a membraneless biocathode microbial fuel cell. Journal of Cleaner Production 307: 127306

[29/17] Chun Cao, Peng Zhang, Zhen-Ping Ma, Zhen-Bang Ma, Jun-Jian Wang, Yuan-Yuan Tang, Huan Chen * (2021), Coupling sprinkler freshwater irrigation with vegetable species selection as a sustainable approach for agricultural production in farmlands with a history of 50-year wastewater irrigation. Journal of Hazardous Materials 414: 125576

[28] Raza Ullah, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui, Huan Chen, Alex T. Chow, Clinton Williams, Ayalew Ligaba-Osena * (2021), Microplastics interaction with terrestrial plants and its impacts on agriculture. Journal of Environmental Quality 50 (5), 1024-1041


[27/16] Huan Chen, Charles C. Rhoades, Alex T. Chow * (2020), Characteristics of soil organic matter 14 years after a wildfire: A pyrolysis-gas-chromatography mass spectrometry (Py-GC-MS) study. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 152: 104922

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[20] Hamed Majidzadeh 1, *, Habibullah Uzun 1, Huan Chen, Shao-Wu Bao, Martin Tsz-Ki Tsui, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T. Chow (2020), Hurricane resulted in releasing more nitrogenous than carbonaceous disinfection byproduct precursors in coastal watersheds. Science of the Total Environment 705: 135785


[19/11] Huan Chen, Kuo-Pei Tsai, Qiong Su, Alex T. Chow, Jun-Jian Wang * (2019), Throughfall dissolved organic matter as a terrestrial disinfection byproduct precursor. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3 (8): 1603-1613 (selected as Journal Cover Page)

[18/10] Hamed Majidzadeh 1, Huan Chen 1, T. Adam Coates 1, Kuo-Pei Tsai, Christopher I. Olivares, Carl Trettin, Habibullah Uzun, Tanju Karanfil, Alex T. Chow * (2019), Long-term watershed management is an effective strategy to reduce organic matter export and disinfection by-products (DBPs) precursors in source water. International Journal of Wildland Fire 28(10): 804-813

[17] Qiong Su, Han-Cheng Dai *, Huan Chen, Yun Lin, Yang Xie, Raghupathy Karthikeyan (2019), General equilibrium analysis of the cobenefits and trade-Offs of carbon mitigation on local industrial water use and pollutants discharge in China. Environmental Science & Technology 53 (3): 1715–1724


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[15] Yun-Long Yang *, Er-Shu Lin, Shu-Qian Sun, Huan Chen, Alex T. Chow * (2019), Direct electricity production from subaqueous wetland sediments and banana peels using membrane-less microbial fuel cells. Industrial Crops & Products 128: 70-79

[14] Wei-Yue Xu, Huan Chen, Qiong Su, Chang-Ying Ji *, Wei-Di Xu, Muhammad-Sohail Memon, Jun Zhou (2019), Shadow detection and removal in apple image segmentation under natural light conditions using an ultrametric contour map. Biosystem Engineering 184: 142-154




[13/9] Huan Chen, Alex T. Chow, Xiu-Wen Li, Hong-Gang Ni, Randy A. Dahlgren, Hui Zeng *, Jun-Jian Wang * (2018), Wildfire burn intensity affects the quantity and speciation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (12): 1262–1270 (selected as Journal Cover Page)

[12/8] Huan Chen *, Gavin D. Blosser, Hamed Majidzadeh, Xi-Jun Liu, William H. Conner, Alex T. Chow (2018), Integration of an automated identification-quantification pipeline and statistical techniques for pyrolysis GC/MS tracking of the molecular fingerprints of natural organic matter. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 134: 371-380

[11/7] Chun Cao, Qiang Zhang, Zhen-Bang Ma, Xue-Mei Wang, Huan Chen *, Jun-Jian Wang * (2018), Fractionation and mobility risks of heavy metals and metalloids in wastewater-irrigated agricultural soils from greenhouses and fields in Gansu, China. Geoderma 328: 1-9

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