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I am well-trained as a professional environmental engineer with expertise in data analysis and programming. The overall objective of my research is to improve the fundamental understanding of changes in soil and water quality in response to disturbances (i.e., global climate change, sea-level rise, and urbanization). To address the specific research hypothesis, I integrate a wide range of tools, including field monitoring sensors, lab analytic instruments, and computational programs, as an integrative approach. Specifically, I use the novel and molecular-level analytic techniques to provide insights into organic matter biogeochemistry and environmental chemistry. With the help of analytic, statistical, and computing techniques, my research is focused on the quantitative description of their complex dynamics. The outcomes from my research can be used as eco-friendly and effective solutions for improving the resilience of environmental and ecological systems under such disturbances and sustaining global soil and water resources. I am particularly interested in (1) characterizing complex organic matrix using statistical and computing techniques on instrumental data; (2) studying the hydrological, chemical, and biological processes at the aquatic-terrestrial interface and their influences on source water quality; and (3) investigate the waste-to-resource approach for environmental sustainability.


I am currently working as a research assistant professor at Clemson University, SC.


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