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Research Grants

As a (co-)PI in External Grants

[5] “High resolution mass spectrometry for target, suspect, and nontarget screening of micropollutants in agroecosystems”, granted by USDA NIFA, 2022-2026, PI: Chow AT; Co-PIs: Chen H, Karthikeyan R, Payero J, Darby D.

[4] “How do wildfire severity and post-fire precipitation influence fate and transport of pyrogenic organic carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial-aquatic interfaces?”, US DOE, 2022-2025, PI: Chow A; Co-PIs: Chen H, Campbell B, Brooks S, Painter S, Ku PJ, Trettin CC, Atkins JW.

[3] “Growing microalgae in livestock wastewater - Benefits in nutrient recycle, antibiotic removal, and potential biofuel production”, USDA-NIFA, 2022-2026, PI: Chen H; Co-PIs: Chow AT, Karanfil T, Xiao R, Walker T, Williams CF

[2] “Identifying effective farming practices to reduce risks of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food crop productions”, USDA-NIFA, 2021-2025, PI: Chow AT, Co-PIs: Karanfil T, Chen H, Payero J, Williams CF

[1] “Roles of microplastics in reclaimed water - Altering persistence and bioavailability of antimicrobials in agricultural soils”, USDA-NIFA, 2020-2024, PI: Chow AT, Co-PIs: Karanfil T, Chen H, Tsui MTK, Osena AL, Williams CF.

As a (co-)PI in Internal Grants

[6] ‘Using adsorption as an efficient and cost-effective approach to remove trace elements from rendered animal and poultry fats and used cooking oils’, ACRE Competitive Grant Program, 2022-2023, PI: Chen H.

[5] “CU-Fellows: Advancing research in coastal ecology and sustainable agroecosystems”, CU-Fellows, 2022-2023, PI: Halloran TO; Co-PIs: Chow AT, Scaroni A, Ward B, Ye RZ, Karthikeyan R, Chen H.

[4] “CU-MRI: A low field, benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for characterization of natural organic matter and per-and polufluoroalkyl substances in agroecosystems - A rapid analytical tool at an experimental station”, CU-MRI, 2022, PI: Chow AT; Co-PIs: Ye RZ, Farmaha BS, Payero JO, Trettin C, Chen H.

[3] “Occurrence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances along with their potential discharge sources in drinking water sources in South Carolina (Phase II)”, Clemson PSA, 2021-2022, PI: Karanfil T, Co-PIs: Chow AT, Chen H.

[2] “Occurrence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances along with their potential discharge sources in drinking water sources in South Carolina”, Clemson PSA, 2020-2021, PI: Karanfil T, Co-PIs: Chow AT, Chen H.

[1] “Develop rapid indicators to detect micropollutants in coastal blackwater rivers in South Carolina”, Clemson PSA, 2019-2021, PI: Chen H; Co-PIs: Chow AT, Karanfil T.

As a Participant

[9] “Mechanistic investigation on the role of root exudates-bacteria interactions in crop cadmium uptake”, NSF China, 2021-2024, PI: Chen XW.


[8] “A source tracking study of environmental pollutants in surface waters based on the technique of fluorescence excitation-emission matrix and PARAFAC”, NSF China, 2020-2023, PI: Yu XB.

[7] “Molecular-level characteristics of forest-derived dissolved organic matter and their responses to nitrogen deposition”, NSF China, 2019-2021, PI: Wang JJ.

[6] “Fuel reduction techniques as effective forested watershed management practices against wildfire: drinking water quality aspects”, US EPA, 2015-2018. PIs: Karanfil T and Chow AT.

[5] “Collaborative Research: Halocarbon biogeochemistry in coastal wetland ecosystems - Exploring the transition between forested wetland to salt marsh”, NSF, 2015-2018, PIs: Chow AT, Conner WH, Rhew R, and Myneni S.

[4] “Retreat of tidally influenced freshwater forested wetlands in the Southeast: Biogeochemical Investigations and Field Support”, USGS, 2014-2019. PIs: Conner WH and Chow AT

[3] “Impacts of prescribed fire on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon production and contaminant phototransforamtion reactions in coastal plain”, USDA-NIFA, 2014-2018, PI: Chow AT, Wang GG, Trettin C, and Dahlgren RA.

[2] “Forest fire alters disinfection byproduct precursor exports from forested watersheds,” JFSP, 2014-2018, PIs: Chow AT, Dahlgren RA, Wang GG, and Trettin C.

[1] “Long term legacy of the 2002 Hayman Fire on water quality and treatability”, JFSP, 2014-2017, PIs: Rhoades CC and Chow AT.


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